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Holy Land USA, Bedford, Virginia: Photos and Text by Ben Osto
Holy Land USA. in Bedford, Virginia

I took it as a sign from above when we arrived in town and the electricity blew. No lights were working throughout the town or at the barn, which is the starting point for the tour of Holy Land, which is a reconstruction that of greater Jerusalem. Our very informative and entertaining guide took us by van over the large area to see the sites. (If you have a large group, a hayride is the recommended touring method.) The tour guide's parables provided me with most enlightening insight I’ve ever had into the thoughts behind the Baptist’s mindset. The trip over the brown stagnant waters of the Sea of Galilee was a highlight. (It wasn’t over a bridge, but actually through the shallow water.) Our guide explained that the real Galilee is bright blue. The end of the tour was astonishing in that when we reached the tomb of Jesus there was a light from inside. It was only 60 watts, not astonishing in itself, but the whole town's electricity was still out.

Not far afield you can find “The Natural Bridge.” I suggest that you go at night and see the light show and listen to the narrator who, with a voice like a science film narrator with a southern twang, will take you through the Book of Genesis as you watch colored lights flash on the rocks.
Lights on but no one is home.
Children keep away from idols (i.e. Micheal Jackson).
Lawn frogs are pricey.
Wise man house (left) Palestinian house (right)
Our guide of the Middleeast of the South.
My viewpoint
Web entertainment and time wasting machine.