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Buford Pusser Home & Museum, Tennessee: Photos and Text by Ben Osto
Apparently, Hollywood has decided to go through the alphabet and remake every movie, and so the time has finally come for the new version of “Walking Tall.” It’s the thrilling tale of a wooden-club-wielding Sheriff Buford Pusser from Tennessee way.

Rather than attending this new version of an old classic, I’d suggest that you check out Pusser’s actual shag-rugged home turned museum. Preserved in time, it’s like you’ve been transported to the Dark Ages of the 1970’s.

Sit on the actual lumpy couch where he used to watch “Mannix.” Observe the clearly labeled candy dish next to you that held his favorite sweets. Don’t miss his report card preserved under glass, documenting all of his F’s.

Of course, the grand finale is when the charming guide shows you Buford’s beating sticks. Apparently his motto was “Spare the County, spoil the Town.” While the sheriff was strict on bootlegging and other crimes, he was rather liberal when it came to motor vehicle safety, and actually died at the hand of his own legendary lead foot. The infamous speedster also didn’t believe in wearing seatbelts. The tour guide helpfully pointed out that seatbelts are actually pretty dangerous and could choke you in the event of a crash.

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