Squeezing Out Extra Space with Brilliant Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Not everyone has the luck for owning such a large, lavish bathing space. Rather, great majority of personal residences are merely having such a limited square footage for their bathroom interior. This more especially can be found and seen in today’s modern urban people and their lifestyles, as well as their home living.

If you are tired of banging your elbows and knocking over toiletries, or not sure how to fit everything you need into a limited space, hence you may consider of applying countless smart storage solutions for small bathrooms. They are able to coax up space for your limited square footage bathing place.

Whether you are going to remodel or design from scratch your smaller bathrooms, creatively brilliant storage and organization plans would be highly helpful. Storage and organization always become the key considerations while talking about limited-space bathrooms. For sure, you will encounter endless tiny odds and ends – makeup, razors, hairbrushes, toilet paper, and still many more. The problem is that you don’t know how to put all that stuff in nice looking and also organized ways.

Extra Storage Space Ideas

When you find that the clutter in your limited-size bathing space is getting a little out of control, perhaps it’s the time for you to take into account additional storage solutions.

#1 – For increasingly easier daily access to the things or essentials you use, a shelf above the sink would be such a perfect idea.

#2 – Optimize the space above your toilet as it is a perfect spot for a cabinet, some shelves, or possibly just a basket for keeping toiletries or reading materials.

#3 – You may use and hang spice racks on the wall as a place to organize your makeup.

#4 – You bathroom door can play such an additional yet essential role here. If there is no space left for towel rack, the back of the door can be a great space for hanging your towels or other bathroom linen collections.

#5 – You may mount a shelf above the door for extra storage space as well.

#6 – For keeping your hair dryer, for example, you may hang it on the inside of the cabinet door. This idea will definitely save your space and time for it will be lot easier for you to find the stuff. Also, you may pursue this application for other styling products, hairbrush, or even magazine holder.

#7 – Optimize your storage space by attaching drawers inside your cabinets. It unquestionably will be far easier for you to find the small items as well.

#8 – Another brilliant idea can be in form of using a lazy susan to be applied inside the bathroom cabinets. This will create easier access to keep and get many small items.

#9 – If your bathroom has a pedestal sink or wall-mount sink, or conversely has no cabinet at all, you may apply certain shelves which are constructed to fit around a pedestal sink or the pipe of a wall-mounted sink.

#10 – Narrow bathroom cabinets can give you surprising benefit of storing plenty different stuffs. You may tuck it neatly next to the toilet, for example.

Creative Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

You may pay attention to your cabinetry choices in order to be able to squeeze particularly additional storage solutions for small bathrooms. The following ideas undoubtedly are going to enhance your bathing space with more storage and organization ideas.

Maximize your sink

In this case, you may add bathroom cabinets both below and above a sink so that can be used to keep toothbrushes, razors, even up to medicines as well as supplies, and still many more.

And for extra functional and decorative purpose, you may add such a nice looking more, more especially applied to a small cabinet above the pedestal sink.

Optimize your toilet area

The space above and behind the toilet can be such a great spot to add some brilliant storage ideas, such as a bathroom cabinet, open shelves, etc. they will be ideal for storing extra stuff, or even other small bathroom accessories – decorative bottles, frames, potted plants, or some other creative ornamental ideas.

Kitchen space racks

You can use spice racks not merely for your cooking space. Rather, you may choose open spice-rack like cabinets to hold and arrange your makeup and toiletries, or decorative stuffs like little potted living plants, for example.

Don’t forget your bathroom door

Bathroom door can be such a superb spot to add or hang a little cabinet. You can add it above the door of the bathroom. As an example, the cabinet can be in form of small baskets to organize stuff and store extra soap, cleaning supplies, and so on.

Inside the door of the cabinet

As stated previously, add a holder just inside the door of your bathroom cabinet can be such an awe-inspiring idea. This holder can be used to keep hair-dryer, for instance, as well as other small essentials and accessories.

Under-the-sink cabinetry

You may substitute shelves with some baskets to keep bottles and other bathing supplies to your under-the-sink bathroom cabinets. They will definitely improve the storage space and create more organized arrangement, as well as faster and easier access.


Once more, adding a lazy-Susan can be considered as a sneaky idea for optimizing your bathroom cabinet. Also applicable for kitchen, this sort of storage fixture will be perfect for storing some small items – bottles, for example. It undoubtedly will be more accessible, make you easier in finding what you need, by simply spinning it around.

Narrow sliding shelf cabinets

If there’s no more space left, you may turn to your bathroom wall. In this case, you may consider of applying such a truly tall and narrow sliding shelf cabinet. You may apply it between the toilet and bathroom wall, for example. Although narrow in size, but it will surprisingly keep plenty things that will amaze in return.

Other Additional Great Tips for Small Bathrooms

Space Saving Ideas

A bathroom, regardless its size, should be a retreat for contemplation, superfluity, coziness and of course functionality. One of problems you will deal with is the challenge to find adjustable small bathroom ideas and designs that are reasonably priced and exceptional while offering enough room for storage and enough space to move without obstruction. And to pursue this idea, you may generate the illusion of more space without sacrificing function or style.

  • Lighting Fixtures

Creatively consider of lighting that is able to add soulful warmth to your small space. Soft white lights can be chosen to generate an illusion of space. Also, you may play the lighting with the wall colors to create more space.

  • Tile tricks

Contrast the size of the tiles to focus on architectural details of the room. Use light colored tiles – white, beige or gray – to help enhancing the space by reflecting light falling on it.

  • Sliding shower door

Space saving small bathroom idea in form of applying a bi-fold door or a sliding door instead of traditional swinging door.

  • Mirror

The choices are a flat mirror or a mirror cabinet. If you pick the flat mirror, take into account a large mirror behind the sink that drops down to the floor.

  • Replace the bathtub

A shower compared to the inclusion of bathtub.  

  • See-through shower enclosure

A smart small bathroom shower idea is to have shower enclosure made in glass or see-thru material rather than tile or cement walls.

  • Shrink the sink

Traditional sinks can end up consuming a lot of room in a pint sized room. Go for pedestal sink or a wall-mounted sink to permit natural light and retain a feeling of open space.

 Raise the curtains

If your only option is shower curtain, raise the height of the curtain rod as high as possible, for this will make the room seem taller and elongate the room.

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